Flexible Deployment For Cloud Is Your Investment Protection Secret Weapon

You’ve made a significant investment in your existing communications solutions.

And you’ve finally got the premises based applications humming along nicely – now you’re being encouraged to move everyone and everything to the public cloud.


That might be convenient for your comms vendor, but for the enterprise customer this leads to disruption, stranded investments and broken integrations.   Additionally, we know that a lack of flexibility in the migration approach, really does not serve the customer’s interests in terms of deploying in the way that works for them.

The Solution?  Openscape Business and Openscape Cloud

While some NZ vendors are only mapping out the one choice of dropping the existing systems and moving to a public cloud, we think there is value in offering a different approach.   Utilising the world-leading Unify solution, means that Sietec can work with you to ensure you’re getting the best of ALL worlds.  Here are some examples:

Scenario 1: you have modern and highly capable on-premise systems in place for enterprise voice – why abandon them when adding on next-generation team collaboration Web-based applications?  Our answer is: you don’t have to abandon your investment, in fact through packaged connectors you can connect the premise systems with the public cloud and have everything work seamlessly together. Smart.



Scenario 2: you feel more comfortable with the security benefits of having an in-house managed ‘private cloud’ for certain applications, but still want to embrace next-generation public cloud team collaboration solutions. Again, having options to run your own data-center solution where it makes sense (or have it run for you as a managed service) is a good thing.


The Openscape suite of solutions are all about being customer-centric, and Sietec is all about careful listening and understanding the customer needs, rather than pushing our own agenda.

We know enterprises have a diversity of infrastructures, approaches to migration and mixed-vendor investments.  We can work with that, not only to preserve your investments but to make everything work together – and keep it that way.

If this makes sense to you, we’d like to continue the conversation.