Professional Services

Utilise our expertise and experience to provide perspective and insight.

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.ZEN QUOTE

Save time and money

With over 25 years experience, our knowledge across specialist aspects of the Information Technology and Telecommunications sphere, is second to none and ensures we are well positioned to give advice to your organisation. We can provide a full service consult across your entire ICT platforms and work with your management and IT teams to identify the true outcomes required for your business. Getting this right at the outset is the most important part!

Critical Decision Making Info At Your Fingertips

Delivering fully managed services, on-site or hosted networks, voice and data mobility is what we do, all-day, every-day, so it’s not surprising that we have the resources to engage in conversations that will provide you with your key decision making criteria.

We have nationwide coverage, with a dedicated network of trained field engineers, project managers and trainers that ensure contractual response times are met or exceeded. That level of experience should be your benchmark for recommendations.

Telecommunications Audit
Identify exactly what infrastructure and devices you have and where. What does it cost you? Do you still use it? Is there a better way to achieve what you need?
Site Surveys
We complete site surveys to determine your Wi-Fi or DECT coverage before you spend any money in deployment.
Business Continuity
A robust Business Continuity Plan minimises the impact of any unexpected event anywhere in your telecommunications networks.
PABX Security
PABX hacking is real and it’s happening here. Our PABX Security Audit will quickly assess any weak points and provide advice on how to fix them.
Cost Reduction Analysis
Save on your landline, mobile and broadband bills. We can quickly identify all the areas you can make savings on.
Disaster Recovery Service
Disaster Recovery (DR) is an essential element in the planning of a well designed solution and the critical link to your customers ongoing service delivery. Our tailor-made service ensures a good outcome should the worst happen.