Sietec Group – COVID-19 Plan



The well-being of our employees, partners and customers is a top priority for Sietec Group. As the worldwide number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases continues to grow, Sietec Group is taking proactive measures to facilitate a safe and healthy working environment while maintaining continuity of business.

Precautionary Actions

Sietec Group is monitoring advisory recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for the latest information and best practices as they relate to coronavirus. In keeping with these guidelines and best practices, Sietec Group is proactively working to limit any business disruption caused by
the COVID-19 outbreak.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Travel Restrictions:
    • Elimination of all non-essential and internal staff travel
    • Restriction of external travel to only business-critical engagements and
    • coordination of travel in accordance with WHO guidelines
    • Cancellation or postponement of Sietec Group’s involvement in public
    • corporate events as appropriate
    • Cancellation of Sietec Group attendance at industry conferences and trade shows as appropriate
  • Proactive Employee Communications:
    • Advisement to Sietec Group employees of their obligation to contact their health care provider and stay away from any Sietec Group office in the event they feel unwell, have been exposed to someone with symptoms or have recently visited an area of concern
    • Advisement of good hygiene practices based on WHO guidelines to maintain a healthy workplace
    • Posting and regular updating of communications, resources and best
    • practices to employee intranet for ongoing reference
  • Facilities Reviews:
    • Review of cleaning practices and materials at major Sietec Group locations
    • Additional cleaning agents and sanitizers provided at major Sietec Group locations as needed
  • Leadership Reviews:
    • Regular leadership reviews to ensure further plans can be put in place as required

Sietec Group’s Business Continuity Plans

Sietec Group has taken steps to facilitate business continuity in the event of a broader pandemic.

  • Remote Working & Personnel Continuity:
    • Sietec Group is well-equipped for most employees to utilize remote working capabilities and employees have been proactively encouraged to do so as appropriate.
    • As standard practice, Sietec Group routinely reviews personnel contingency plans for key job functions to facilitate operational continuity.
  • Supply Chain
    • Sietec Group has confirmed that supply chain inventory for Q1 is on track and has not been impacted.
    • As we plan ahead for Q2 and beyond, Sietec Group is reviewing the availability of product, labour and materials on a regular basis to enhance logistics contingency plans as needed.
    • Sietec Group is also increasing its quality assurance reviews to mitigate any potential effects should labour issues arise.
  • Partner & Customer Communications:
    • In the event of a pandemic-related service disruption, Sietec Group will communicate with partners and/or customers as quickly as reasonably possible.
    • For customers requiring Sietec Group employees to be on location, the respective Sietec Group account lead will proactively communicate with the customer to discuss and work through any changes to on-site staffing, project lead times or potential disruption issues.

Best Practices for Sietec Group Partners and Customers

First and foremost, Sietec Group recommends partners and customers monitor advisements from WHO and/or CDC and take actions as they deem appropriate for their business needs.

  • Sanitizing Sietec Group Devices
    • Disinfectants containing isopropanol or ethanol can be used to safely clean Sietec Group devices without risking damage if not done more than once per day. The cleaning or disinfection solution should be applied non-wetting with a non-abrasive cloth.

16 March 2020

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