Using Online Collaboration To Out Maneuver Your Competition

All the experts will tell you that your business should be using collaboration software to improve your overall teamwork – and they’d be right.

When a business adopts a collaboration strategy successfully, there can be huge benefits to your employee engagement resulting in increased productivity and a better bottom line.

In today’s business environments, effective collaboration is increasingly achieved via the digital workplace.  Your organisation undoubtedly already has team members using some form of online software to collaborate, but you may not be aware that the right online collaboration tool, introduced across the entire business, can actually transform the way you work.

Sietec collaboration solutions deliver unified messaging, mobility, teleworking, and audio, web and video conferencing services tailored to the needs of your workforce – wherever they are.  Here’s the top six ways you can harness the benefits and out-perform your competition.


1 Communicate From Anywhere

As long as they have an internet connection, employees can connect quickly and simply in collaboration sessions, whether planned or impromptu.  Individuals, workgroups and even people from outside the business can meet and work together toward common project goals.


2 Create A More Engaged Workforce

Engagement doesn’t just happen.  Employers have to step up their game to keep great employees over the long term.   One of the best ways to get workers to engage more is to improve teamwork within the business.  How much more enjoyable is a workday for everyone when the spirit of camaraderie in your teams is good?

When a team or department is collaborating smoothly, openly sharing information and able to communicate seamlessly, they are going to be able to work at their most effective level.


3 Allow Your Team To Select Their Favourite Way to Communicate

Everyone has their own preferred way to connect, depending on the scenario and contributors.  Online collaboration tools such as Circuit, use voice, video and chat which lets you collaborate as naturally when you’re apart as when you’re together.


4 Build Communities

It’s easy to create online communities and promote cooperation, interaction, opinion and idea sharing within your business,  with external partners and with customers.


5 Hold More Productive Meetings

Efficient collaboration results in more efficient meetings.  Workers need fewer meetings as they accomplish their tasks and can instead use tools to document work progress or delegate work yet to be done and communicate that info to everyone as it happens.  If meetings are required, there is generally more proactive information sharing and engagement because it can be easily recorded and tasks delegated.


6 Have Everything At Your Fingertips

From tracking who made the latest changes to a document to searching for a video or photo,  it’s never been easier to manage workflows, because all of your information is stored in the same place.  Online collaboration tools remove the requirement to use e-mail as the main way of communicating with team members, so the need to scroll through endless email trails or search an inbox for a lost document, is completely removed.


These are just some of the ways you can improve your company’s performance – learn more about  Collaboration tools or get in touch to discuss the best options for your business.